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One of the big traditions that I incorporate with just about every big fishing trip I take is that I try to mix it in with a little bit of camping.

Ever since I was a boy growing up in northern Michigan, I have seen countless people take their vacation time and mix in a camping/fishing trip into one glorious week. Heck, that premise alone is what a lot of local Michigan economies rely on where I grew up.

Anyway, it makes perfect sense. You have what are essentially two great outdoor activities molded into one awesome experience.

Besides, there is nothing like catching perch or walleye on Lake Huron in Michigan, driving back to the campsite and cooking what you caught that day for dinner.

However, the idea that there can be too much of a good thing is more true than you realize. Think about this, if you spend every day eating your favorite thing, eventually you are going to get tired of it.

Also, if everyone ends up wanting to eat the same thing that you are eating then the chances you’ll ever get to eat it will decrease drastically.

In other words, everyone needs to get their turn.

Which leads me to a story that I just heard about which basically amounts to a tradition coming to an end because it got too popular. The Washington state Department of Fish and Wildlife is imposing a camping ban for the upcoming fall chinook season.

The reason is that every year, anglers gather at the Vernita Bridge access point to the Columbia River off Highway 243 near Highway 24.

The site is supposed to be for use in the daytime only, but people have been coming in droves and staying there for days and weeks at a time.

This is causing a good deal of damaged to the natural landscape. I mean, it’s one thing if someone is sitting there with a chair for the day, but bringing a whole camper is another thing entirely.

The state with the new regulations hope to totally phase out overnight camping entirely within the next two years.

This is also why some secret fishing spots should remain secret. If too many people end up knowing about them than it sort of destroys the magic.

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